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An Introduction to Our Services

We know soil. We know what it can do to your structure. And we know how to protect against those effects. We are pioneers in the field of Soil Stabilization and have been successfully repairing the effects of Texas' native clay soils for more than a quarter century, going back to the Windsor Park Mall in 1975!

Land Stabilizers has provided a wide range of professional structural repair and soil stabilization services throughout Central Texas. Our professional crews have been part of some of the largest commercial construction jobs in recent history, and we've repaired thousands of homes for families all over Texas. We utilize the precast solid DuraPile System to underpin and stabilize concrete slab foundations.

Foundation Repair:

Using our exclusive DuraPile/Stable-Lock System and Condor Soil Stabilizer Injection, we are able to prevent and/or repair cracks in walls, sticking or swinging doors or windows, sloping or uneven floors, cracks around doors or windows, and visible cracks in floors or slabs.

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Condor Soil Stabilizer is the latest technology to battle expansive clay soils. When injected around the outside of a building, it helps to minimize soil movement, and thus reduces movement of the structure. No one else has it, except for Land Stabilizers!

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Chemical Injection:

We are South Texas' Exclusive Dealer for CONDOR SOIL STABILIZER for deep injection stabilization of expansive clay soils.

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Lime Slurry Pressure Injection:

Land Stabilizers uses Lime and Lime Slurry Pressure Injection to stabilize existing buildings or new construction. Lime Slurry can be injected (LSPI) or spread and mixed (S&M) to stabilize soils. We have completed more than 5,000 jobs.

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Spread & Mix:

Lime stabilziation of surface soils by pulvi-mixing soil with lime, cement or fly ash for roads and pavement.

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Concrete Work:

We remove and replace concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways, and retaining walls.

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We can implement drainage and swale improvements needed to improve a foundation's performance.

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Epoxy Injection:

We can inject high strength concrete epoxy to repair and fill fractured concrete in slabs, paties, driveways, etc.

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